Microsoft Dynamics 'AX 7'에서 생긴 신규,변경 또는 없어진 기능들

Posted by Alvin You
2015.07.30 10:54 Dynamics AX

AX 7이 런칭되었다는 이야기를 들었습니다. Dynamics AX 2012 FeaturePack –> R2 –> R3까지 업데이트 버젼이 나오면서 내부적인 기능 추가들을 계속 해 왔기 때문에 AX7에서는 어떤 기능들이 추가되거나 없어질 예정인지 궁금해서 관련 자료를 정리해 봤습니다.

- 사라진 기능들
•Business Analyzer
•Connector for Microsoft Dynamics <—WCF로 통합되어 .net connector가 없어진 모양입니다.
•GL SSRS reports
•X++ financial statements
•eBilanz (XBRL for Germany)
•Compliance center
•Environmental Sustainability
•Shipping Carrier Interface 11
•Warehouse management II – already deprecated at release of AX 21012 R3
•Payroll information in Human Resources
•Worker Reminders in Human Resources
•Enterprise Portal Client <—아무래도 Web Client 이기  때문에 굳이 Enterprise Portal 이 필요없을 듯 합니다.
•Role Center Pages <— Enterprise Portal Client와 동일
•Desktop Client <— Enterprise Portal Client와 동일
•Form ActiveX and Managed Host Controls
•InfoPart, FormPart Metadata
•ShopFloor companion app
•Cue Metadata

- 신규 또는 변경된 기능들

Financial management
•Export account structures to Excel
•View ledgers and advanced rule structures associated with an account structure on a single form
•Filter Management Reporter (labeled Financial reporting in ‘AX 7’) reports based on dimension, attributes, dates, and scenarios
•View Management Reporter (financial reports) within the ‘AX 7’ client
•Print the Vendor Invoice Transactions report with information from the Detailed Due Day List which includes the days past due.
•Monitor budget vs actuals and create ledger forecasts using the Ledger budgets and forecasts workspace and additional inquiry forms

Human capital management
•Enable employees to view, update, and delete information from the system
•Enable managers to view or edit employee information
•Encrypt ID numbers
•Access compensation processing results
•View Date Effective timeline changes
•View employees by company

•Access the client, anytime, anywhere
•The two AX 2012 clients have been replaced by a single, standards based web client that provides the full set of functionality of the desktop client with the reach of the Enterprise Portal client.

Windows 10 출시와 함께 AX7은 어떤 모습으로 우리에게 나타질지 궁금해 지는 하루입니다.

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