SAP vs Oracle vs AX

Posted by Alvin You
2013.10.13 23:41 Dynamics AX

Welcome to the ERP Fight Club:

In Today’s match let me introduce you with our fighters:
2.) Oracle(E-Business Suite)

3.) Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics)

4.) Other ERP vendors.

Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. So to get the clear idea we will compare all of these according to different points. Starting with

1.Market Share:


So i think SAP is leading the way in this Game.

2.Average ERP Solution Satisfaction and Benefits Realization.

According to survey carried out over thousands of companies which use the ERP Tools.

SAP Gives : 75%

Oracle Gives : 60%

Microsoft Gives : 58%

Other ERP Vendors gives : 60%


So again SAP wins the game. The biggest advantage with SAP is the huge experience which it gets from its client and makes the ERP Tool more Power full to satisfy each and every business need.

3.Average Cost to maintain and implement the ERP Tool

SAP : $16 M

Oracle : $12 M

Microsoft :$3 M

Others : $3.5 M


if you don’t want to spend much for ERP tool just go for the last two options.

4.Average implementation Time Duration :

SAP : 15 Months

Oracle : 13 Months

Microsoft : 12 Months

Others : 11 months

5.Business Risk Factor:

This factor is most important as it gives the proportion of the companies that suffered from operational interruptions following go-live are relatively high.

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