[Book Review]Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Cookbook

Posted by Alvin You
2015.04.16 15:00 Dynamics AX

오늘 Review할 Dynamics AX 개발 관련 서적은 "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Cookbook"입니다. Cookbook 단어처럼 Dynamics AX 개발에 첫 발을 내딪는 분들께 추천해 드리고 싶은 책입니다.

다양한 예제 중심의 교재로 손쉽게 따라할 수 있는 내용들이 많이 담겨 있고, 또한 업무에 바로 응용할 수 있는 내용들이 많이 담겨 있습니다.

하단에 교재의 목차를 담아 드릴 테니, 관심 있으신분들께서는 구입해서 읽어보시길 추천합니다.

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Chapter 1: Processing Data 7

Introduction 7

Creating a new number sequence 8

Renaming the primary key 13

Merging two records 17

Adding a document handling note 19

Using a normal table as a temporary table 21

Copying a record 22

Building a query object 25

Using a macro in an SQL statement 30

Executing a direct SQL statement 31

Enhancing the data consistency check 37

Exporting data to an XML file 41

Importing data from an XML file 44

Creating a comma-separated value file 46

Reading a comma-separated value file 49

Using the date effectiveness feature 52

Chapter 2: Working with Forms 57

Introduction 57

Creating a dialog 58

Handling a dialog event 63

Building a dynamic form 67

Adding a form splitter 72

Creating a modal form 77

Modifying multiple forms dynamically 79

Storing last form values 82

Using a tree control 85

Building a checklist 97

Adding the View details link 105

Chapter 3: Working with Data in Forms 109

Introduction 109

Using a number sequence handler 110

Creating a custom filter 113

Creating a custom instant search filter 117

Building a selected/available list 120

Preloading images 127

Creating a wizard 134

Processing multiple records 144

Coloring records 146

Adding an image to records 147

Chapter 4: Building Lookups 157

Introduction 157

Creating an automatic lookup 158

Creating a lookup dynamically 161

Using a form for building a lookup 163

Building a tree lookup 169

Displaying a list of custom options 173

Another way of displaying custom options 175

Building a lookup based on record description 179

Building the Browse for Folder lookup 185

Building a lookup for selecting a file 190

Creating a color picker lookup 194

Chapter 5: Processing Business Tasks 201

Introduction 201

Using a segmented entry control 202

Creating a general journal 207

Posting a general journal 215

Processing a project journal 217

Creating and posting a ledger voucher 221

Changing an automatic transaction text 225

Creating a purchase order 228

Posting a purchase order 231

Creating a sales order 236

Posting a sales order 239

Creating an electronic payment format 243

Chapter 6: Integration with Microsoft Office 253

Introduction 253

Creating an Excel file 254

Reading an Excel file 256

Creating a Word document from a template 259

Creating a Word document with repeating elements 262

Creating a Microsoft Project file 266

Sending an e-mail using Outlook 271

Chapter 7: Using Services 275

Introduction 275

Consuming the system query service 276

Consuming the system metadata service 279

Consuming an existing document service 281

Creating a document service 285

Consuming a document service 290

Using an enhanced document service 292

Creating a custom service 298

Consuming a custom service 301

Consuming an external service 303

Chapter 8: Improving Development Efficiency 309

Introduction 309

Creating an editor template 310

Modifying the Tools menu 315

Modifying the right-click context menu 317

Searching for an object in a development project 322

Modifying the Personalization form 325

Modifying the application version 329

Chapter 9: Improving Dynamics AX Performance 333

Introduction 333

Calculating code execution time 334

Writing efficient SQL statements 336

Caching a display method 338

Using Dynamics AX Trace Parser 341

Using SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor 345

Index 349

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