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2014.03.21 11:32 DOCUMENTUM
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Client(Webtop, Desktop, Customized Client based on DFC, DFS)에서 접근시 계정별 기본 접근 권한이 정의되어 있어서 사용자가 작업 할 수 있는 기능에 제한을 두는 것이 Client Capability이다.

Client Capability

1. Consumer : can search, view and copy documents and forward tasks in workflows. default capability.
2. Coordinator : Consumer + create cabinet, workflows, and virtual documents and view hidden objects.
3. Contributor : Coordinator + create documents and folders, modify regular documents and virtual documents(including checkin and checkout), and delete documents
4. System Administrator : Contributor + can manage Content Server, repository, and users and groups.


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